Not as aggressive as feared

Mike Pence
  • If China ends unfair trade, US ready for new future
  • Determined to build relationship on candor, fairness and mutual respect
  • US does not seek confrontation with China, seeks level playing field, open markets, fair trade and 'a respect for our values'
  • China should never underestimate the resolve of President Trump
  • US will not allow challenges in US-China relationship to foreclose practical cooperation
  • Much of the destiny of 21st century will hinge on US relationship with China

There are some criticisms of Hong Kong and the NBA for laying down but there's nothing aggressive on trade and the overall tone of the speech isn't nearly as aggressive as feared. This is risk-positive.


  • Beijing has still not taken significant action to improve our economic relationship and in may areas its behavior has become more aggressive
  • American will continue to seek better relationship with China, will continue to seek fundamental restructuring of US-China relationship
  • Remains optimistic that