Early gains now reversed for the pound 17 Nov

My order board and other posts highlighted decent GBPUSD sell interest at 1.3260 as well as EURGBP demand around 0.8900 with more into 0.8880.

Hey presto, some good pips to be had for those who believed and didn't get too greedy. Hopefully GBP longs/EUR shorts took some profit too as we're currently back own to 1.3213 and up to 0.8936.

Support/demand around 1.3180. EURGBP offers/res 0.8950.

Not seeing/hearing anything of note apart from on-going Brexit-related fragility. Other GBP crosses in play too as discussed previously with GBPJPY notably back down to 148.61 and that might well have been a prime mover again. Some bids/support nearby and more into 148.00.

Anyone got any more light to shed on it please feel free to add your info below.

As always, don't get greedy and/or be patient and reward will usually be yours.