Rep McCarthy

  • US should be concerned about our debt
  • The initial stimulus was to the employee not the company
  • need to focus on getting people back to work
  • Communist country of China lied to the US
  • every day we are learning something new about the coronavirus
  • I have high respect for Dr. Fauci
  • it is so promising out there today as a result of therapeutics and vaccines
  • we are making 100 million doses of every single one of the vaccines so we could provide vaccine to every American and around the world
  • We have other countries hacking in to try to slow down the vaccine process
  • Democrats are not coming to work

Meanwhile, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) is on CNN saying:

  • cause on Senate Republicans to provide details for their plan for coronavirus legislation
  • warns that failure to extend robust unemployment insurance in new coronavirus virus bill would mean poverty for millions of Americans
  • very worried about foreign interference election
  • US virus trouble due to testing, tracing woes