So you reckon it's easy to trade? I don't think so

Author: Ryan Littlestone | Category: News

Learn how to become a better trader the ACT way

It takes more that dropping a few (or many) bucks into a trading account to become a trader. It takes even more to become a successful trader.

I'm not the greatest trader in the world. When I started my benchmark was set quite low, I just wanted to win more than I lost. Only when you get to that stage should you think about where you go to next. The problem is getting to that stage in the first place.

What I think some people suffer with the most is that trading looks so easy. After all, virtually anyone can do it, and a price can only go one of two ways, so it's easy, there's only two choices. That's nothing more than a 50/50 chance. Surely you can be right most of the time just by guessing?

Here's a video that explains why trading is more than just being able to trade;

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