S&P and Nasdaq close at record levels. Ho hum. Indices rise even though Apple is lower.

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

Sorry but it happens a lot

The S&P and Nasdaq are closing at record levels despite a fall in Apple (down about -$0.60) after they introduced the iPhone 8, the iPhone X (that is 10 not X), an Apple Watch that has cellular connectivity (I think that will be a hit), and some fluff from Apple TV.  

Like it or not, the fact is my battery on my iPhone is running down quicker and a new operating system (also announced) will likely stress my old iPhone even more.  So at some point, I will be forced to replace it.  

Those with Apple Watches (like my wife) will need to have a cellular version (that makes sense even though the phone is like a wallet now.  A new "Home Alone" movie would likely have the family returning home for a phone before thinking whether Kevin was left home.  

The result:  The printing presses for Apple will keep printing (PS throw in some of those ear buds that go with the watch of course).  Just own the stock to pay for your new phone and watch and ear buds and music for the watch (don't forget a couple new charging stations for around the house).  $$$$$$$$

For the day:
  • S&P is up 8.37 points or +0.34% to 2496.48. New record close.
  • Nasdaq is up 22.01 points or 0.34%. New record close.
  • Dow is up 61.49 points or 0.28%.  Not a new record (what is wrong with the Dow????)

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