Trump press conference Feb 16 2017 highlights:

  • Names Alex Acosta as Labor Secretary nominee
  • It's very important for me to unify the country
  • "I inherited a huge disaster"
  • I'm going to rebuild the military, it won't be depleted for long
  • We have to have a strong military and strong law enforcement as well
  • We're searching for peace through strength
  • The media is "out of control" and will take message "straight to the people"
  • "This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine"
  • The Democrats have screwed things up royally
  • "Drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars" we're not going to let it happen anymore
  • Will issue new executive orders next week to protect the country
  • Every country takes advantage of us, almost. I might be able to find a few countries who don't but it would be a tough job
  • Some very big things will be announced next week
  • Flynn withheld information from Pence
  • Flynn says he couldn't remember details of call, that wasn't acceptable to me
  • "The press should be ashamed of themselves"
  • Repeats that he owns nothing in Russia, I have no deals or loans there
  • Categorically denies reports regarding Russia
  • I don't want confidential information getting out
  • He's called in the DOJ to look into the leaks
  • "The leaks are real, the news is fake"
  • There's no one I have more respect for than reporters, good ones

This stuff is must-see-TV.

The late-night TV gold from this one was Trump saying he had the greatest electoral college victory. A reporter called him out with Obama's numbers. Then Trump countered by saying it was greatest victory by a Republican. When the reporter told him George HW Bush had a much bigger margin he said "I don't know that information was given to me."