UK Defense Ministry: No reported UK military or UK government casualties

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: News

UK Defense Minister weighs in on Kabul explosion

  • No reported UK military or UK government casualties
  • UK forces are working closely with our partners to provide security and medical assistance
Meanwhile from the White House:
  • There is no indication that Biden plans to change the August 31 withdrawal timeline
Emergency hospital in Cobol says around 60 wounded have arrived so far from the airport.  The US State Department says there were three military injured with one in serious condition.

Reports are that the blast killed at least 13 including children.

There were two separate bombing attacks one at the Abbey gate at the airport and the other at the Barron Hotel which is not far from the airport.  

The bombs are reportedly from the ISIS- K (for Khorasan) which is an Afghan affiliate of the Islamic state. Taliban fighters are guarding the perimeter outside the airport and the attack is also against them as well. ISIS -K and the Taliban are mortal enemies.  

Thousands of people have gathered outside the airport in recent days trying to evacuate from Afghanistan including Afghan citizens before the August 31 deadline.  The attack throws a monkey wrench into the window to leave.
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