UK PM Johnson: We will leave the EU by the end of January if Tories win majority

Author: Justin Low | Category: News

That solves one part of the equation but how about what happens next?

Getting a Brexit deal across the finish line is one thing but it means nothing unless they can agree to a future trade relationship with the EU.

As things stand, Boris Johnson has said that he will not extend the transition period - timeline to negotiate a trade deal - which runs out at the end of next year.

As another reminder, it took Canada and the EU seven years to iron out a trade agreement and another year to ratify and implement it. Johnson wants to get all of that done in the span of just eleven months (!).

Given such a scenario, it's not too far-fetched to believe that he could still pull the trigger of a no-deal Brexit and the odds of that will be even higher if he claims a majority victory in the election next week.

Boris Johnson
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