A step forward in the $1T infrastructure package

The bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure package has received enough votes to open the debate on the US Senate. To move forward it only needed a 50 vote majority. The Senate last advanced the proposal by a 67-32 margin during a Wednesday test vote. Advancing this procedural vote was expected.

The measure would put $550 billion in new funds into transportation, power, water and broadband.

Democrats look to pass this stimulus package along with a separate $3.5 trillion package that would include a laundry list of other priorities including child care, paid leave, tax credits for households and climate policy.

NY Senator Schumer hopes to approve a budget resolution, a key step in getting the bill through Congress, before the Senate leaves for its recess on August 9.

The resolution would unlock the budget reconciliation process, which would allow Democrats to pass their plan without a Republican vote.

There has been some push back from Arizona Senator Kristen Synema (D) on the $3.5T plan> She has stated that she would look to lower the $3.5T price tag for that plan 2nd stimulus piece.