Scheduled to speak at 3:45 PM ET


  • Biden would not repeat mistakes of past of staying and fighting in a conflict that is not in the US interest
  • the scenes we are seeing Afghanistan our gut wrenching
  • US will continue to support the Afghan people
  • we will continue to push for regional diplomacy and speak out for the basic rights of the Afghan people
  • we have safely shut down our embassy and transferred our diplomats
  • in the coming days will transport out thousands of American citizens in Afghanistan
  • US military will provide assistance for more SIV eligible Afghans and their families out of the country
  • Afghan government discourage the US from organizing a mass exodus
  • US will continue to support the safe departure of Afghan allies
  • US response will be swift if the Taliban attack our people
  • our mission in Afghanistan has made many missteps
  • what happened now could just have easily happened five years ago or 15 years in the future
  • he does not regret decision to end US war fighting in Afghanistan
  • US decision will be criticized but I will not pass decision on to another present