China is hosting the G20 shindig this year and one event kicks off tomorrow

Just in case you'd grown tired of hearing finance ministers and central bankers waffling on, there's tons of them descending on Shanghai for the start of the G20 fin min's and CB's meeting.

Whoopee I hear you cry!

Super Schaeubes was spouting forth earlier and we'll no doubt be inundated with wise words of wisdom from the rest of them tomorrow and Saturday.

Hopefully most of it will be out on Eamonn's shift, as I don't want to be spending half the day passing on their cobblers.

The G20 leaders came out with some fighting talk at the height of the great crisis. Most of it was forgotten by the time they got to the airport. The leaders summit is later in the year so we'll have to wait a while to see how they're going to fix things now.

I'm not expecting any real market moving stuff but as it's in China, expect them to feature in a lot of comments, and that could prompt some moves. Keep an eye on Kuroda sneaking in late and sitting at the back, trying to avoid conversation on the yen moves