Easy come, easy go. Equities are starting to show signs of struggling once again now in European morning trade.

European indices are seeing gains chipped away while US futures have also turned a little lower. I've been saying it since last week that while there is scope for some breathing room, let's not forget what is it that have dragged equities to this point. And they are very much still in play.

Still, a run of seven straight weeks of declines for US equities is something that could prompt a bounce before the end of the week. But the overall outlook remains dim for the time being at least.

Here's a look at the current levels:

  • Germany DAX +0.08%
  • Eurostoxx +0.05%
  • France CAC 40 flat
  • UK FTSE +0.25%
  • S&P 500 futures -0.03%
  • Nasdaq futures -0.01%
  • Dow futures -0.09%