• There may be cases where we may conduct stealth intervention
  • We cannot tolerate excess volatility, disorderly FX moves
  • Always on standby for in case there is a need for action
  • Recent FX moves have been rapid

The headline remark is a bit contradictory as he also says that they won't necessarily comment on whether there has been any intervention. I mean c'mon, make up your mind as to which it is. Pfft. Anyway, he also doesn't provide any comment on rate checks for today after having seen USD/JPY quickly turn tail on a push above 145.00 earlier.

All in all, the comments here aren't anything we haven't heard of in the past two weeks. USD/JPY is still keeping the faith with buyers holding price at 144.80 levels at the moment, perhaps looking to poke and prod for another push above 145.00 later in the day.