Link to the Wall Street Journal piece is here (gated).

In brief:

  • Indirect talks between Iran and the U.S. on reviving the 2015 nuclear deal ended without a breakthrough on Wednesday, with no date set for negotiations to continue.
  • The two-day talks in Doha, Qatar, the first since multilateral discussions in Vienna stalled in mid-March, represent the latest setback for diplomatic efforts to roll back Iran’s nuclear program, damping already low expectations that the 2015 agreement can be restored.
  • The failure of the discussions raises the prospect that the diplomatic process could collapse.

Info from elsewhere indicates that Iran pushed non-JCPOA demands at the talks.

  • Iran wants IAEA safeguards probe be abandoned if they return to the deal

Only a few weeks ago Europe and the US urged Iran to cooperate with the IAEA on the probe, and criticised Iran for for not doing so.

Not looking promising.


The interest oil traders have in this is the idea that if Iran and the US can agree on the deal then it'll pave the way for Itsanaian oil to more fully return to world markets. Eventually.

oil chart 30 June 2022

Oil update: