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Last Updated: February 29, 2024

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AIZ stock valuation - less noise, just the highlights

  • With a PEG ratio of 1.30, Assurant's stock may be considered fairly valued, as it takes into account both the company's earnings growth and valuation. Investors may find this metric useful in determining the stock's attractiveness relative to its expected earnings growth.
  • The forward P/E ratio for AIZ is even lower at 10.75, suggesting that analysts are optimistic about the company's future earnings potential. This could signal potential growth in the stock price moving forward.
  • Assurant (AIZ) has a relatively low P/E ratio of 15.22, indicating that the stock may be undervalued compared to its earnings per share. This could be an attractive opportunity for value investors.

Stay informed with the latest AIZ stock analyst recommendations:

  • Analysts have recently upgraded their rating on AIZ stock from Mkt Perform to Outperform, indicating a positive outlook on the company's performance.
  • Price target changes show a potential increase in value, with analysts raising their targets from $52 to $185, $199 to $151, and $121 to $180 in recent updates.
  • It is important to note that there have been both upgrades and downgrades in analyst recommendations for AIZ stock, indicating varying opinions on the stock's performance. Investors should consider their risk tolerance and investment goals when interpreting these recommendations.

Stay updated on AIZ stock insider trading with these key points:

  • The recent sale by EVP and CLO Jay Rosenblum on Nov 20 of 2,000 shares at $162.16 per share totaling $324,326 could indicate a bearish signal for investors and traders as it suggests that an insider at a high level in the company is selling their stock.
  • The sale by EVP and CFO Richard S Dziadzio on Aug 14 of 4,000 shares at $143.19 per share totaling $572,778 is significant as CFOs typically have a strong understanding of the financial health of the company. This could be seen as a bearish signal as it may indicate that the CFO does not see significant potential for growth in the stock.
  • The sale by EVP Francesca Luthi on Aug 07 of 3,700 shares at $142.99 per share totaling $529,081 is another notable trade. As an executive in a key position within the company, this sale could be seen as a bearish signal for investors and traders.

AIZ technical analysis

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