Indices move higher to start the trading week

The major US stock indices are starting the day and the week to the upside. The Dow is up for the second consecutive day. S&P and NASDAQ up for the third day in a row

THe snapshot currently shows:

  • Dow up 188 point or 0.54% at 35308.26
  • S&P index up 23.34 points or 0.53% at 4465.01
  • NASDAQ up 81.34 points or 0.55% at 14796

in other markets:

  • Gold is moving higher and up $24 or 1.37% $1804.55
  • Silver is up $0.59 or 2.6% $23.60
  • WTI crude oil futures are up to dollars and $0.85 or 4.62% $64.78
  • The price of bitcoin remains above the $50,000 level at $50,284.75

In the forex, the AUD remains the strongest and the JPY is the weakest. The USD has moved lower since the start of the North American session. The USDJPY is back to unchanged on the day after being up about 0.29% at the start of the New York session. The USDCHF has moved to the downside after being near unchanged (it is down -0.35% now).

US dollar has moved lower