USD at lows vs ALL major currencies

The USD fall continues.

Looking at the pip changes vs the major pairs, the USD is at the session extremes for all the pairs. The GBPUSD is the biggest mover, up 116 pips.

USD at lows vs ALL major currencies

Looking at the % changes of the USD vs the majors, the USD is weakest vs the GBP at -0.93%. The dollar is lower vs the CAD but only by -0.12%. The USD is lower vs the AUD by -0.91% and the NZD by -0.80%.

US dollars lower versus all the major currency pairs on a percentage basis

Looking at the AUDUSD, the pair is testing a topside trend line at 0.7075. The 200 day MA is above at 0.7089. The price in April moved above the 200 day MA on two successive days but each day that price break failed. The price has not closed above its 200 day MA since March 2018 (not shown).