NASDAQ index

The Nasdaq index traded to an intraday lows at 11024.64. That took the price below the 200 week MA at 11096.17. However, since bottoming the price has moved back above the key 200 week moving average.

The current price is trading at 11109. That is still down -109 points or -0.97%, but at least it is above the moving average level with one day to go in the week.

During the week of June 3 this year, the price also moved below the 200 week moving average, but closed the week right near the moving average level. Subsequent weeks were not able to breach the moving average level and that helped to base the index which ultimately led to the July/August rally with the price reaching a higho of 13181.09.

So history is repeating itself.... maybe.

It looks like tomorrow will be a key day for the NASDAQ index. Have a Friday rebound day, and the pressure is off of a negative weekly close. Conversely, have a Friday selloff into the close and things will be looking like a retest of the June low is in the cards at 10565.14.