Bitcoin currently recovering a bit of poise 20 Feb

It's been a decent few days for the mined-one but Asia/early Europe has seen a decent retreat after capping into $11700 only to run into dip demand again around $11200.

$11000 now seems the next line in the sand on a rally from $9500 that has seen similar footholds at $10000, $10500 and $10800 along the way as investors look for a return to the heady-heights of $20000 and beyond.

Pipe dream or a matter of fact ? Well, after speaking with the son of an old City trading mate on Friday night who has a keen interest/knowledge in all things crypto I can at least say I see the argument for another rally far more clearly than before. All about seeing the wood from the trees and getting clarity of explanation amid all the hype and noise from those professing they know best or talking their book.

Currently $11407 and still nudging higher at the moment.