Google is following Facebook's lead in banning cryptocurrency-related ads across its advertising platforms

It is reported that the new policy will become effective in June, and it will be across ads bought in its search and display-advertising network - which includes YouTube.

Apart from that, Google is also moving to ban ads for "other speculative products" too - such as those for nontraditional methods of wagering on the future movements of stock prices and foreign exchange, such as binary options and financial spread-betting.

More on that here.

This was something that was highlighted by the guys at Finance Magnates last week here as well, when advertisers were noticeably finding it difficult to advertise cryptocurrency and blockchain-oriented products with Google Ads.

Google's move here is a similar move done by Facebook when they updated their ads policy in 30 January.

Bitcoin not liking the news too much as it pares gains for the day, falling to $9,100 levels currently.