Why brokers are choosing Airsoft for to meet their solutions


AIRSOFT Technology LTD, the industry-leading financial solutions firm is demonstrating once again why more brokers are choosing its services. Founded in 2012, AIRSOFT offers comprehensive software solutions and end-to-end consulting services tailored to the financial market industry. The primary objective of AIRSOFT is to deliver the most advanced software and services and, ultimately, to increase ROI for clients.

Airsoft Announces A Rebrand

2020 posed numerous challenges for brokers, banks and fintechs around the globe. In direct response to the needs of brokers, in February 2021, AIRSOFT Technology LTD announced a complete revamp and rebrand of their website www.airsoftltd.com. The new look and functionality of the site highlight AIRSOFT as the expert choice for brokerages and cement the company as the preferred technology provider for brokers in 2021.

AIRSOFT CEO, Shay Benhamou stated: 'As a leader in the financial services industry, and a company that strives to offer cutting-edge solutions for our clients, we needed a site to match and that's exactly what we've now got.'

New features of the site include:

  • Reimagined logo and fresh aesthetic design
  • Powerful responsiveness across all devices and browsers for desktop and mobile
  • Personalised view - new or experienced brokers get a site tailored to their needs
  • Sneak peek of the cutting-edge AIRSOFT mobile app

AIRSOFT Power Brokers

AIRSOFT clients are diverse in terms of business scope, global location, and industry vertical, which is why it's important the services offered by AIRSOFT reflect this range of needs. AIRSOFT offers their complete all-in-one brokerage package or allows brands to select the package that best suits their brand, with every option being completely customisable. Services include:

  • All in one solution for your FX, CFD and Crypto Trading
  • Discover adrenaline-fuelled trading with our unique Chrono Trade platform
  • Mobile App - fast, user-friendly experience with instant market access
  • Business consulting - referrals for marketing, legal, PSPs and banking solutions

Comprehensive Brokerage Solutions

Services available from AIRSOFT include website creation, hosting, and maintenance. AIRSOFT also offers their powerful mobile app to clients - brokers can customise the app to their needs and integrate their own branding. This means they get an advanced mobile platform to offer to their clients as their own app. It's available for both iPhone and Android. Other AIRSOFT software includes powerful platforms for CFD, forex, and the Chrono Trade platform that is exclusive to AIRSOFT.

As an end-to-end service provider, AIRSOFT also offers customer relationship management and back-office systems. They are integrated with some of the more popular payment providers and cashiers in the industry and can easily add new ones. AIRSOFT's extensive industry knowledge means they are able to provide thorough business consulting throughout the entire process. Furthermore, each client is given a dedicated project manager and staff training on every item of software.

The AIRSOFT Web Trader is the most advanced trading platform available on the market for CFD & forex. Experienced traders revel in the powerful functionality and advanced charting functionality offered by the platform, whereas novice traders find it easy to use and intuitively designed. Traders have access to over 5000 assets from 30 exchanges and are able to maintain multiple trading orders whilst simultaneously tracking assets with a biggest gainers & losers table.

Cryptocurrency brokers implementing the AIRSOFT cryptocurrency platform provide their clients with access to an exceptionally fast, one-click platform. Both new and experienced traders are able to make the most of trading with advanced research & analysis tools, simple but effective layout and design, and overall powerful functionality. Over 1000 synthetic assets from multiple exchanges. Each user gets an integrated crypto eWallet, customisable interface, see advanced technical indicators, and multiple graph styles allowing traders to make their most informed trades ever.

One of AIRSOFT's most esteemed creations is the exclusive Chrono Trade platform, available exclusively to AIRSOFT clients and their traders. Users make predefined, timed, short-term trades to take advantage of volatile assets. Chrono Trade users are traders looking for adrenaline-fuelled trading and so it appeals to brokers looking to secure more trades and see increased user engagement.

With best-in-class technology solutions and years of expert advice, no matter the scope of the project, AIRSOFT is committed to delivering the highest level of service to each of their clients. Discover the difference for yourself at www.airsoftltd.com.


AIRSOFT has been helping brokerages launch since 2012. Founded by veteran industry

professionals: we offer comprehensive software

solutions and business consulting services for the financial sector. Our

complete solutions for forex, crypto and CFDs brokers, includes software, business

consulting, marketing, lead generation and multi-language support. We leverage

years of expertise to propel brokers to success, fast. Visit airsoftltd.com to

learn more.