Forex Tester is a revolutionary FX testing software which empowers traders to a whole new level.

Imagine being able to instantly warp into any trading day from the past 20 years and be able to practice and optimize your forex trading strategy.

Imagine simulating real market conditions and have AI trading algorithms right by your side to tell you what the prime trading parameters are.

With Forex Tester, you can do that and much more. We took a deep dive into it and found out why traders were raving about it.

Here are 7 reasons why you should be using Forex Tester:

1. FX Trading with AI

With Forex Tester traders can incorporate AI into their trading strategy.

Their advanced AI can find just the right parameters and by leveraging its “full-grid” algorithms, all possible combinations are thoroughly analyzed, meaning that traders will know what the best stop is.

Moreover, fx traders can use the Neural Network algorithm to find out what’s “hot and cold”, meaning that the AI will tell them which trading parameters are bad and which are good when opening a trade.

2. Controlled Trading Speeds

With Forex Tester’s speed tester, traders can go backtest their strategies by going back and forward in time or simulate market conditions

forex tester

This clever tool allows traders to fully control the direction of their trades.

Accordingly, they can easily go back in time and check how their strategies would behave as real market conditions unfold.

Moreover, Forex Tester can simulate market outcomes, meaning traders get full freedom to explore the markets and tweak their strategies accordingly.

3. Comprehensive Testing with Trading Statistics

Testing becomes much more effective when traders can see their results clearly.

With Forex Tester, once their testing is finished, traders are met with incredibly detailed statistics.

Information includes how many trades they made, their respective performance, the highest profitable trade, monthly performance, biggest loss, and so forth.

As such, fx traders can simply adjust their strategy’s parameters and try again as many times as they see fit.

4. Risk/reward management tools

Forex Tester can calculate the risk-reward ratio and let forex traders know when a trade is worth their time.

forex tester

The program itself can calculate the optimal lot size as it takes into consideration several elements like the stop loss and the percentage of equity one is willing to risk.

As such, traders find that it becomes much easier to analyze a trade when the numbers are right in front them.

5. Educational materials that actually matter

Forex Tester features incredibly useful forex courses.

Written by seasoned pro traders and aimed at forex traders of any skill level, the information is concise and pertinent to whichever stage of trading you find yourself in.

Whether it’s simple things like pips and pairs, or more complex topics, lessons feature a theoretical approach with real market data as well as a fully immerse simulation as it is widely considered to be one of the best fx training formats out there.

6. Fundamental Analysis on the spot

Never miss a news release again with Forex Tester’s fundamental analysis tool.

Traders know how financial news can affect an asset’s performance and with this Forex Tester’s handy tool, traders can check news worldwide or simply zoom in to the specific region or country they want.

7. Dynamic Timeframes, Useful Indicators, and Sophisticated Graphic Tools

forex tester

Time frames can be easily switched without having to stop the trading simulation.

This makes it so that it is much easier to understand how any given pair behaves on any given timeframe.

Traders can also test their strategies simultaneously on multiple charts while using a wide number of indicators and graphic elements, meaning that they can minmax their trades easily.

About Forex Tester

Forex Tester is a seamless experience for those who do not wish to settle for less when simulating their trades and testing their strategies.

With high quality data and remarkable AI capabilities, practicing with 860 symbols as never been easier.

This groundbreaking software allows you to truly test your own trades with unparalleled freedom, when you want, as fast as you want, and as many times as you want.

With 15 years of market experience under their belt, over 50,000 active traders, and a geographic coverage of 184 countries, one can see how Forex Tester is rapidly becoming the go-to tool for crafting and testing forex trading strategies.

See what Forex Tester can do for you!

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