TradeLocker is the next-gen trading platform built by listening to the needs and preferences of over 2.5 million traders to deliver intuitive, fast, and community-driven trading experiences anytime, anywhere.

It emerged as a response to the lack of innovation in the trading industry. Mainstream trading platforms failed to engage directly with their user base and lacked an intuitive interface built with a modern user in mind.

Noticing this gap, TradeLocker’s founders aimed to create a platform that prioritizes community feedback and user experience. Launched in March 2023, TradeLocker has quickly become a preferred choice for traders seeking an intuitive and modern trading environment.

What makes TradeLocker unique?

TradeLocker’s primary differentiator is its commitment to community-driven innovation. By actively engaging with traders through a vibrant Discord community and social media channels, the team ensures that user feedback directly influences their development roadmap. This approach not only addresses key user frustrations but also creates a platform that evolves in line with trader needs and market trends.


The trading platform offers advanced charting capabilities with a wide selection of customizable charts and indicators. What’s more, TradeLocker offers traders key features for advanced risk management, such as: Stop loss & Take profit calculator, Risk calculator, On-chart trading, One-click trading, Trailing stop loss and more. This emphasis on community-driven innovation significantly enhances accessibility to advanced trading for everyone.

For brokers and prop firms, TradeLocker offers a comprehensive white-label B2B solution. This includes low setup and operational costs, robust and secure technology, a comprehensive back office system, and 24/7 support. By partnering with TradeLocker, brokers can provide their traders with a cutting-edge trading experience while maintaining operational efficiency.

TradeLocker at iFX EXPO International 2024

At the iFX EXPO International 2024 in Cyprus, the attendees will have the opportunity to meet TradeLocker’s co-founders and the key team members of the product, development, and marketing team. The team looks forward to gaining and sharing insights about the latest industry trends, meeting potential partners, and demonstrating how TradeLocker is revolutionizing the trading industry.

Community feedback is the backbone of TradeLocker’s successful growth, which is why the team is developing features that enable a collaborative trading environment.The platform innovates the trading industry by looking for trends in other industries that can be introduced in the trading space. The real innovation comes from introducing AI into trading.

At iFX EXPO, TradeLocker will proudly present TradeLocker Studio, a groundbreaking tool that democratizes script development by allowing everyone to develop custom scripts, bots and indicators, with no coding skills required. It's a game-changer that allows users to backtest their strategy based on historical data and leverage advanced AI-driven trading tools without learning how to code.


This year, TradeLocker plans to launch Social Mode, which will allow experienced traders and affiliates to reach a broader audience by streaming on TradeLocker and mentoring other traders. Novice traders will benefit from copying trades, watching streams, and learning directly on TradeLocker, thereby gaining insights and strategies from experienced traders. This feature creates a collaborative environment where knowledge sharing and community growth are key.

For more information and updates, visit TradeLocker’s website, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.