After a flurry of nominations across both categories - Broker Awards and B2B Awards - the Nomination Round in the UF AWARDS Global 2024 has officially come to an end. The response has been overwhelming, with a staggering number of nominations received.

The focus now shifts to the exciting stages ahead, starting with the Voting Round where industry players and fintech enthusiasts alike have the opportunity to cast their votes for their favourite online trading and fintech brands.

The Voting Round will remain open until 12 June, so anyone wishing to participate in the next stage of the process is encouraged to do so without delay by visiting the UF AWARDS website.

The UF AWARDS recognise the brands that truly excel in the online trading and fintech space, and every accolade is a testament to the industry benchmark of the best companies to trade and do business with.

With so many business players battling for global recognition, the industry’s zest to recognise and celebrate excellence in online trading and fintech is at an all-time high. Here are some of the categories calling industry insiders to vote:

Broker Awards

  • Best Global Broker
  • Broker of the Year
  • Best Trading Experience
  • Best CFD Broker
  • Best Trade Execution
  • Best IB/Affiliate Programme

Fintech Awards

  • Best Technology Provider
  • Best Payment Service Provider
  • Best CRM Software Provider
  • Most Trusted Liquidity Provider
  • Best Bridge Provider
  • Best Social Trading Solution

Cast your vote in 3 simple steps

For those less familiar with the UF AWARDS voting procedure, below are 3 easy steps to follow:

Register at the UF AWARDS website, or log in if you have already done so.

● Select the brand you wish to vote for in each relevant category.

● Click ‘SUBMIT’ to confirm your vote. Make your voice heard!

Remember! You can vote in multiple categories but only once in each.

Good to know

The nominated brands have been selected following a stringent vetting process designed by the organisers to ensure the utmost transparency and fairness. To see the line-up, visit the UF AWARDS Global 2024 website and cast your votes today! It’s time to make an industry-wide impact.

Voting closes with the highly anticipated UF AWARDS Global 2024 Ceremony set to take place on 20 June at Columbia Beach Bar in Limassol, Cyprus. The best of the best in online trading and fintech will be called to the stage for everyone to applaud.

Attended by C-level executives and thought leaders, the UF AWARDS Global Ceremony will offer the perfect mix of business and entertainment, allowing participants to relish the atmosphere of this exclusive seafront venue. You can’t miss this!