In this exclusive interview, we have the privilege of speaking with Andreea Ilies, the Global Head of Events at, the Official Global Partner Sponsor of iFX EXPO Asia. As proud organizers of the renowned iFX EXPO events, Ultimate Fintech brings you this insightful conversation that delves into the highly anticipated iFX EXPO Asia, set to take place in Bangkok, Thailand from 20th to 22nd June. During the interview, Andreea shares her perspectives on the strategic partnership between and iFX EXPO Asia, highlighting the value it brings to both the event and the participants. She also shares what participants can expect from and delves into the captivating story behind the organization.

Ultimate Fintech: Could you tell us a bit about and your company’s journey so far?

Andreea: was founded in Australia in 2010, and has grown into a global market leader in the Fintech Industry. Our vision of providing access to a wide range of financial products to traders around the world continues to evolve daily. We have obtained licenses in various jurisdictions, allowing us to establish credibility and operate in different markets. Our mission has remained the same since day one: to provide personalized support and services to our clients globally.

Ultimate Fintech: What makes different from the competition?

Andreea: At, we believe that what sets us apart from the competition is our unwavering focus on the trader's personal journey and trading experience. We understand that each trader is unique, with individual goals, preferences, and levels of expertise. Our approach revolves around creating a personalized and tailored experience for each trader, ensuring that their needs are met and their trading journey is supported every step of the way.

In addition to our client-centric approach, we strive for excellence in our services and technological advancements. We continuously invest in cutting-edge technology to provide our clients with efficient trading tools and real-time market data. Our top-notch analyst team, led by Ahmed Negm, is renowned for their expertise. They are exclusively available for traders and are frequently invited to share their insights and opinions on the market, with reputable financial media such as Reuters, Yahoo Finance, and Forbes. Ultimately, our aim is to empower traders to succeed in the financial markets by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support.

Ultimate Fintech: That's impressive. Do you have news or releases coming out that you would like to share?

Andreea: We have a lot of exciting news coming up at! We are thrilled to announce that we will be sponsoring several upcoming events in the financial industry. These events will provide us with an opportunity to connect with traders, industry professionals, and showcase our commitment to innovation and personalized trading experiences.

Additionally, we have big plans for expansion in different regions. We are actively working on expanding our presence and reach to better serve our clients globally. This expansion will enable us to provide even more localized support and tailor our services to the specific needs of traders in different regions.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements from as we continue to evolve and deliver great trading solutions.

Ultimate Fintech: What would you say is the highlight of iFX EXPO events for you?

Andreea: The highlight for us is the opportunity to network with our peers and engage in direct conversations with them. We believe that building strong relationships and establishing personal connections is crucial in the trading industry. By participating in iFX EXPO events, we get to meet our partners face-to-face, listen to their experiences, understand their needs, and provide them with the support they require.

We value these interactions as they allow our audience to see the people behind and get a deeper understanding of our organization. We believe in transparency and trust, and these events provide the perfect platform for us to showcase our commitment to customized trading experiences. It's a chance for us to convey our passion, expertise, and dedication in person.


The XS Group (operating under brand name “XS” or “”) is a Global Multi-Asset Broker providingaccess to trade a wide range of financial products.

Established in Australia in 2010, has grown into a global market leader in the FinTech, financial services and online trading industry with licences in various jurisdictions and offices in different locations around the globe. offers traders, institutional investors and brokers worldwide access to deep institutional liquidity and advanced trading technology, combined with an efficient user experience, high-quality relationship management and excellent customer support.

Risk Warning: Our products are traded on margin and carry a high level of risk and it is possible to lose all your capital. These products may not be suitable for everyone, and you should ensure that you understand the risks involved.