As European desks start to kick into action we’ve seen USDJPY post new session lows of 117.55 with bids at 117.50 holding again for the moment. Kuroda presser on its way but we rarely (ever) get anything of note from that

Cable has found fresh bids above 1.5150 and after its run down to 1.5136 from the 1.5200 highs yesterday thus proving that there’s something for everyone in this pair right now. Buy dips/sell rallies or vice versa Money for all

EURUSD crawling up to 1.1589 but offers expected into 1.1600 with option expiries playing their part too with more at 1.1650

USDCAD has retreated from 1.2116 highs to post session lows of 1.2076 with AUDUSD enjoying come gold-led support still at 0.8215 while USDCHF is sitting on session lows at 0.8706 with bids at 0.8700 looming