It's been a slow slow grind but EURUSD has been edging ever higher today

The pair has now chewed through a range of offers to post 1.0906 showing some resilience after a period of taking it on the chin.

Down but not out and the euro is not exactly off the canvas just yet with more offers noted into 1.0920 and then 1.0935-50 where we also have some decent size option expiries today. Resistance also notable around 1.0960.

Tomorrow sees more expiries of €2.14bln between 1.0900-10 so definitely some interest around this area that may yet keep the pair contained even after NFPs.

USDJPY demand at 113.80 has been adding to euro bids with EURJPY rising to 124.23 but offers above 114.20 could come into play again across both pairs.EURGBP has also been mostly underpinned to post 0.7747. Offers on that pair though around 0.7750 could also help cap further euro gains.

We should continue to see some good two-way business as markets hedge bets on NFPs tomorrow.