Currently 1.4258 near session lows

Yesterday I said here around 1.4000 that "I'm happy to sit and watch/wait again for the moment. Let's see where the sellers re-appear." I'm still waiting for the smoke to clear properly but did seize the opportunity to sell small around 1.4300

Bids now building around 1.4250

May I repeat comments I made earlier this week for the benefit of my detractors that I voted for Brexit and said at the time of the referendum that it will eventually be good for the UK and pound. I just didn't think it would happen this early or this far, but a range of other factors in play such as USD weakness I did foresee so my bearish GBP stance has been understandably more tempered.

I still say there's a lot of work to do before any soft Brexit deal is signed off but hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

Offers: 1.4280 1.4300 1.4320-25 1.4350 1.4385 1.4400

Bids: 1.4250 1.4235 1.4220 1.4200 1.4185 1.4150