FXO 15-06

There aren't any significant expiries to take note of for today. However, keep an eye out for a minefield of large expiries in EUR/USD all through 1.0640 to 1.0900 tomorrow. It's quadruple witching season again in markets, so that explains what we're seeing there.

In terms of how that will affect price action, that's a wide layer and range to even be considering and we will only get to know more after the ECB policy decision later today. If anything else, we could see some swings in price towards certain expiry levels but again, it's a minefield out there so it will be tough to just randomly pick any which might factor into play.

In other words, we could see added volatility or perhaps added stickiness to price action before the expiries roll off tomorrow. But again, the setup also depends on what we get from the ECB today. There's no exact science to it so we'll have to analyse the price action in the run up too.

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