FXO 29-05

There are a few to take note of on the day, as highlighted in bold.

And they are all for EUR/USD, layered in between 1.0800 through to 1.0890. The bookends of the expiries also help to exemplify the trading range we're seeing in the pair since last week. So, the expiries will help to keep price action intact before rolling off later in the day. But there will be more around the same levels for tomorrow as well.

Then, there are ones in between that around the 1.0835-50 and 1.0875-80 levels. If anything else, those might play a role in anchoring price action as well barring any surprise headlines. But considering the moves yesterday, do keep an eye out on the overall risk mood as that will impact the dollar in general.

For more information on how to use this data, you may refer to this post here.