ADDED – MNI tweet (From Sophia Rodrigues @MNIANZ) to say: “the reference is to my story and I am a journalist, not an analyst” – headline amended to reflect this.


MNI analysis says an RBA rate cut in February can happen “if its economic assessment … shows still-lower rates are

I wrote earlier today that based on the Minutes from the December board meeting I am pretty sure a February cut will not happen.

MNI go on to say:

  • Its also possible the RBA doesn’t see a need to cut

Back on December 2 MNI argued that the RBA is prepared to cut so as to offset the tightening effect of a high exchange rate

I think I’ll stick with my ‘no cut in February’ call.

The next RBA meeting is on February 3.

ADDED – I have just been reminded on Twitter that RBA governor Stevens (in an interview last week with the Australian Financial Review) basically said there would be no cut in February. From my memory of the article /interview (I could go back and check I suppose) Stevens came as close as he can to completely ruling it out.