The Summary of Opinions at the Monetary Policy Meeting on June 17 and 18, 2021 precedes the minutes for this meeting by many weeks.

Full text is here.

Headlines via Reuters:

  • BOJ has approached time when it needs to show direction on what it can do on climate change via monetary policy
  • BOJ's response on climate change must be tied to its mandate of achieving stable economy
  • BOJ must make its climate change scheme flexible one
  • BOJ can avoid getting directly involved in income distribution by back-financing loans, investment banks make on climate change
  • govt rep said BOJ's plan on climate change is timely
  • Japan's inflation likely to accelerate as pent-up demand begins to appear in latter half of this year
  • Japan's prices likely to lack momentum despite support from rising commodity costs, improvement in demand
  • inflationary pressure likely to remain subdued in Japan due to sticky deflationary mindset

I bolded the remarks on inflation. The BOJ pretty much always expresses a degree of optimism that inflation will rise, but for a decade or more they have missed their target by a long, long way and continue to do so.