Bank of Japan governor Kuroda making a scheduled speech 26 Sept

Let's hope they run of out of hot air as one of the options.

  • there's no limit to monetary policy
  • BOJ to relentlessly pursue innovation

Like introducing totally fantastical "over shoot" targets for inflation?

  • can accelerate monetary base expansion if necessary along with more asset purchases
  • main tool for more easing still deepening neg rate cuts and lowering long term rate target
  • shape, locations of yield curve will broadly remain as they are at present
  • large scale monetary easing will be in place until observed CPI stays above 2% in stable manner

Market reacting like we have a man and CB rapidly running out of ideas/respect and USDJPY falls to 100.85. Bids/support still around 100.70

Nikkei posts new session lows of 16,554.10 down -1.12 %

Full speech from the BOJ website here

Kuroda's comments even sending himself to sleep