Fed Powell: Congressional support is critical at this time

Author: Greg Michalowski | Category: Central Banks

Fed Powell testifies to House panel on the 2nd day of hearing

The Fed's Powell has begun his Q&A to the House financial services panel. It is largely expected that he mirrors responses from yesterday.
  • A concern of Congress withdrew support to quickly
  • congressional support is critical at this time
The Fed Chair has been consistent with his call for fiscal policy.  Of course Pres. Trump has been a critic of Powell in the past for not providing enough monetary policy.  The recent comments from the White House center around a $1 trillion+ additional stimulus package.  However, there has been some pushback from some fiscally conservative Republicans. Of course it is an election year, however, and the Pres/Republicans are at risk of losing the presidential election and control of the Senate. With risk of a more modest, prolonged bounce with the lower paid workers paying the greatest price, the chance for more stimulus is likely if they have hopes to win the election.  

  • Encouraging banks to lend to the Main St. lending programs
  • Fed is a learning by doing and will keep taking feedback
  • evidence is mixed on negative rates
  • repeats that Fed not decided to adapt yield curve control
  • nothing like tight labor market for low income communities (the opposite is true too).
  • The Fed will move away from ETF's to bonbons over time
  • buying cash bonds will the primary way the Fed supports market function
  • markets working pretty well so buying will be at low end
  • Fed intends to hold to maturity, doesn't rule out sales 
  • delays recovery if state, local government layoffs continue
  • if people lose unemployment benefits, the strain it causes will curb spending in the economy
  • the more we do now, the stronger the economy will be
  • This not the time to worry too much about fiscal situation

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