Feds Williams on Yahoo finance

Feds Williams on Yahoo finance_
  • Does not think that time to take action is now
  • He expects to see strong GDP growth this year
  • The overall picture is very positive
  • It's going to take some time for businesses and others to adjust
  • People want to get back to work but it will take several months to see progress
  • We should be thinking through all of the issues around the economic recovery and policy options
  • Right now his view is were not near the substantial further progress marker
  • It makes sense for the Fed to be thinking through options it has in the future
  • Economy is in a good trajectory but still quite a ways off from reaching substantial further progress
  • Demand is strongest supply-side of the economy has to catch up
  • See supply chain issues being worked out in the coming months
  • Some recent price increases are really just reversals of the price declines
  • Trimmed inflation measures show more moderate rises.
  • Reverse repo facility is working exactly as designed
  • Given strength of economic recovery and good market conditions, it is time to unwind the corporate bond holdings
  • Neutral rates are still very low across the globe

John Williams is the president of the New York Fed. As a result, he has a permanent vote on the FOMC board.