Fed's Kashkari speaks at the Institutional Investor Conference 28 September 2016

  • Strong labour market is not yet inflationary

  • US economy still has room to run before it overheats

  • Fed has the tools to cope with that

  • Fed sees no bubbles in housing

  • We're not sure why real rates have been declining globally for many years

  • The Fed would never say never on negative rates

  • We know less than we think about the labour market and full employment

  • Technology is going to impact productivity and will be another problem for people to deal with (he cited self driving cars and trucks)

  • Is alarmed that situations like Wells Fargo could have been going on for years without us knowing

  • Other policy makers have to step in and do their bit

  • The US is still seen as a safe bet for investors

Kashkari on the spot