From the Nikkei overnight, and not really surprising

It casts an eye over bond yields climbing across the developed economies along with remarks from central banks, such as those from ECB President Draghi "hinting at an early reversal of ultraloose policy"

Even longer-term JGB yields "briefly inching up" to "the highest point in three and a half months". But, it goes on:

  • jump in JGB yields as only temporary
  • The BOJ is keen on maintaining its policy of capping long-term interest rates at around zero for the foreseeable future. If long rates shoot up too high, the central bank will get them under control by purchasing up every bond in auctions at set yields.

Article is here for more, but as I said, not surprising. On Friday we got the latest inflation data, the core measure ('core-core' in Japan's terminology) was unchanged on the month (at 0%) and is not even close to even moving towards the Bank of Japan target at 2%.