The strongest currency in trading so far today is the CAD. The CAD was stronger yesterday as well after better Existing Home data sent the currency up. The CHF is also benefiting today despite the SNB meeting on Thursday and potential concerns from SNB on the level of the currency (especially against the EUR). Nevertheless, the currency remains a safe haven with uncertainty lying ahead with the FOMC, TLTRO and Scottish Referendum on the horizon.

The weakest currency today is the GBP. It has fallen against all the major currencies with concerns about Scottish Referendum the fear. Inflation data was mostly as expected.

The US dollar and EUR are both mixed.

The Forex Winners and Losers Today

The Forex Winners and Losers Today

The global stocks and pre-US opening indices are all down today. Yesterday the Nasdaq in the US got his on the back of making room for the Alibaba IPO on Friday. Bond yields are mixed. The US 10 year yield is down to 2.56 after the look above the 2.60% level.