Federal Reserve washington

BofA forecasts that the upcoming March FOMC meeting will present an updated outlook showcasing stronger economic growth and persistent inflation, while unemployment rates stay near historic lows. Despite these adjustments, the expectation is for the Fed to hint at a rate-cutting cycle commencing in June, albeit with a notable risk of deferral. Discussions are also anticipated regarding the Fed's balance sheet strategies, focusing on the timing and extent of tapering Treasury run-off caps.

Key Points:

  • Fed's Stance on Hold: The Federal Reserve is expected to maintain its current policy stance, with the statement likely seeing minimal changes from January's extensive revisions.
  • Growth and Employment: The Fed may continue to describe economic growth as "solid" and unemployment as "low," albeit recognizing a recent uptick in job creation pace.
  • Inflation Outlook: Powell might express a slightly diminished confidence in the inflation outlook compared to January, attributing this to recent CPI reports. However, a broader disinflationary trend is still believed to be in play.
  • Rate Cuts on the Horizon: Despite the potential for less certainty around a June rate cut, the Fed is anticipated to signal its readiness to adjust policy as necessary, with the focus being on eventual rate reductions.


The March FOMC meeting is poised to reflect an environment of stronger economic indicators alongside enduring inflation pressures, without immediate policy changes. The Fed is likely to continue preparing markets for a potential rate-cutting cycle starting in June, emphasizing a cautious but proactive approach to achieving its inflation targets. This delicate balance underscores the Fed's commitment to navigating inflation uncertainties while supporting sustained economic growth.

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