Bank of Japan monetary policy board member Nakagawa:

  • Given risks, uncertainties, gathering information to make monetary policy decision amid risks and uncertainties
  • Japan's economy making steady progress toward achievement of price target
  • If we judge that sustained achievement of price goal foreseen, we will decide whether or not to tweak ycc, risky asset buying and other policy means
  • Some weak signs seen in consumption data but no big change to trend of moderate increase
  • Capex continue to increase moderately as a trend
  • There is heightening chance this year's wave revision will result in fairly high levels compared with last year
  • Japan's economy likely to continue recovering moderately
  • Inflation expectations likely to gradually heighten to levels that align with our price target
  • We can foresee japan's economy achieving a positive wage-inflation cycle
  • It is important that consumer inflation does not sour, and pull japan back to deflation
  • Main scenario is that expectations of rising wages will underpin consumer sentiment, but there is risk that real income will undershoot and weigh on demand, economy and prices

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BoJ's Nakagawa
BoJ's Nakagawa