Bank of Japan policy board member Noguchi:

  • Biggest focus is whether wage hike momentum will be maintained or not
  • Raising of YCC allowance band does not signify a tightening of monetary policy
  • If central banks hold rate hikes and inflation comes down, the risk of hard landing will be reduced
  • Japan's economy recovering gradually
  • When inflation expectations are in a stage of rising, some flexibility is needed to continue easy policy under YCC
  • Chinese economy facing risk of deflation or 'Japanisation'
  • Need to pay close attention to fiscal, monetary policy response to low inflation by Chinese authorities from now on
  • There are signs of upward price pressures coming down
  • BOJ's near-term mission is to realise a situation where wage growth does not fall short of inflation as soon as possible through persistent monetary easing
  • The trend of passing on costs for raw materials is widely continuing
  • Japan needs to shake off the 'zero norm' of prices and wages in order for nominal wage increase to exceed 2% as a trend
  • 3% nominal wage growth would correspond with 2% inflation target

USD/JPY is barely moving. Waiting on the US CPI tonight is the theme for the day today.

Bank of Japan monetary board member Noguchi