• ECB sources see July hike as is still possible after the Thursday's meeting
  • Members of the policy board backed Thursday's decision unanimously, differed on risks
  • Some members differed on some of the risks, such as that longer-term inflation expectations veer off the ECB's 2% target

The ECB kept rates unchanged and Lagarde did not give any more specific as far as the end of APP other than that it would likely end sometime in the third quarter (that was unchanged from her previous assessments). The launch in rates would occur after APP ends and be dependent upon the economy.

The EURUSD has moved higher on the headlines, and has approached the swing lows from yesterday near 1.0808 along with the swing low going back to March 7 at 1.0805.

As I type, the price is extending above those levels to 1.0813 threatening the break to the downside that saw the pair to new lows April 24, 2020.

EURUSD spikes higher after ECB sources comments