The Nikkei is reporting that Nomura is saying that:

  • despite a notably covered home from officials since late March as the Yen hovered above the 152 level, "there is no says that they are going to intervene anytime soon"

The Mitsubishi Trust in banking added:

  • The JPY dropped below 152 all at once, so intervention could well, at any time

The USDJPY has been trading in an up and down range today, but making new highs going back to 1990. The price more recently today has extended to a new high at 153.304. The pair raced above 152.00 after the CPI data. That took the price above the 2022, 2023 and 2024 highs between 151.91 to 151.967. Yesterday the high reached 153.23. The low price in the Asian session today reached 152.75 before rotating higher. The New York session low reach 152.78 before rotating back to the upside and new highs for the day to 153.304