Reserve Bank of Australia Assistant Governor (Economic) Marion Kohler spoke at a conference on the outlook for the Australian economy, approaches the Bank uses to assess where the economy is relative to full employment, and a review of economic forecasts for the past year.

  • Decline in inflation to be more gradual than previously thought
  • Bringing inflation back to target is likely to be more drawn out
  • Domestically sourced inflation has been widespread and slow to decline
  • Still-strong levels of demand have allowed businesses to pass on cost increases
  • Wages growth has picked up, but now appears to have broadly stabilised
  • Key risks is possibility that high inflation today feeds into inflation expectations
  • Encouragingly, measures of medium-term inflation expectations consistent with target
  • Labour market conditions are easing, but are still tight

The full text is here:


The Reserve Bank of Australia raised its cash interest rate last week in the face of persistently above target inflation:

rba interest rate rise 7 November 2023 22