snb jordan

Jordan has been the chairman of the SNB since April 2012. I guess 12 years at the helm is quite a long time to be serving considering that he is also 61 years old this year. His time at the SNB isn't one without drama to say the least. The most prominent case is of course the 2015 fiasco which saw the central bank remove the floor on EUR/CHF without warning. In stepping down, Jordan says that:

"Having met the various challenges of recent years, now is the right time for me to step down. It has been a great privilege to serve the SNB and the interests of the country as a whole. I would like to thank the Bank Council, the Governing Board and the SNB’s staff for the excellent and collegial working relationship. My thanks also go to the Federal Council, Parliament and the public for their great trust in the SNB and for safeguarding its mandate and its independence."