An analyst at Brown Brothers Harriman on the split at the Federal Reserve:

The split between the Fed hawks and doves continues to grow.

By our admittedly unofficial count as of this writing, the doves are comprised of

  • Williams, Harker, Goolsbee, Barkin, and Bostic

while the hawks are comprised of

  • Bowman, Waller, Kashkari, Daly, and Mester.

The centrists are led by Chair Powell and are comprised of

  • Logan, Jefferson, Kugler, Barr, Cook, and Collins.

Of note, Bullard stepped down as St. Louis Fed President and First Vice President Kathleen O’Neill Paese has assumed the duties of interim president as the search for a permanent successor has begun. Elsewhere, Schmid just became Kansas City Fed President August 21 and his views are at this point unknown. Neither St. Louis nor Kansas City are voting members of the FOMC this year.


Hmmmm. I dunno. Maybe differing views are aired around the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) table, and dtos diverge a little, but is it a hawk/dove split? They all seem to come together without dissent without too much trouble.

fomc table 24 August 2023

This is an old pic (can you spot Bernanke?), but you get the idea.