from an old codger pre the europe open !

The emergence of some dollar strength overnight I find encouraging: even the USDCHF has joined in with a little more gusto and think we may see dips bought to 0.9300-25 and looking for a move above 0.9400.

Cable lack of success to move back below 1.5150 suggests a short term buy for a move back a further test of 1.5225 which has so far provided plenty of supply. I would be stopping at 1.5138 as the break should slide the pair down to 1.5100.

Gold looks horrible and has to be a sell on any rally; I should have followed my own advice a few days ago on here when it was at 1615 ! lots of reports suggesting below 1515 will bring in the heavy stops.

USDJPY has held it’s own in a quiet market and I suspect will be back above 93 sooner than later.

Not scientific arguments – just thoughts on glancing around !

Have a great day and most will be glad to see the weekend approaching.