The ANZ Truckometer is an index that measures traffic volumes as a proxy for GDP growth. The ‘heavy’ refers to the heavy vehicle index (the big trucks



  • The prior is -1.0%, revised from -1.1%

Says ANZ:

  • The upward trend in the index remains in place
  • Data for the first quarter of the year consistent with quarterly GDP growth of around 1.0%
  • The overall picture is that economic momentum will continue through the middle of the year
  • The pace is perhaps starting to ease a little
  • We may well be past the peak of quarterly growth in the current upswing
  • However, annual growth will continue to accelerate, and the ANZ Truckometer continues to suggest the economy will keep trucking along into the middle of the year
ANZ truckometer and New Zealand GDP 13 May 2014


The NZD is not doing much at all so far this session, marginally up.

Added: New Zealand Food price index for April +0.6% m/m