• Very quiet session again in Asia with the USD giving back a little bit of overnight gains
  • President Obama arrives in China with the Yuan again on the agenda
  • World Bank also weighs in to debate saying CNY needs more flexibility
  • Japanese finance minister Fujii agrees with APEC that financial stimuli should continue
  • Sovereign names seen buying EUR/USD
  • Demand for JPY crosses at fix also boosts major pairings
  • Gold loses another $2, now below $1105/oz
  • Regional stockmarkets lose just over 0.5% on average

The NY session ended with pairs like the EUR/USD and the AUD/USD under significant pressure but this failed to flow through into Asia and we have had another quiet session.

EUR/USD saw a regional central bank on the bid around 1.4835 and this helped to put a base under the pair. EUR/JPY buying into the fix also helped the EUR bounce. Range 1.4834/72

Cable managed to hold steady overnight as heavy EUR/GBP selling underpinned. There has been little direct sterling interest in Asia and it has followed the other majors in a 1.6572/1.6608 range.

The AUD/USD has traded .9225/68 during an uninspired session with model fund buying noted near the lows but technical programs now noted on the offer towards .9300.

USD/JPY traded towards its session highs on JPY cross buying but has since drifted lower in a 90.15/41 range.

Markets: Nikkei -0.3%, HK -0.5%, Kospi -0.7%. Gold $1105/oz, oil $76.90/bbl.