Earlier news from Australia:

  • Workers will take part in mass strikes at Australia's seven international airports, starting from the Monday morning peak period with a series of rolling four-hour stoppages.

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I've also heard there may be strikes at sea ports also .... but haven't been able to confirm.

If so ... not a positive for exports


Added ... OK, on the sea port strikes:

Workers from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and Department of Agriculture will walk off the job during multiple shifts for four hour at a time "to protest the Abbott Government's attack on their rights, conditions and take home pay," the community and public sector union said today.

"The major impact is expected in the busy Monday morning peak at international airports."

Border Force Marine Unit staff, who number among the CPSU's 55,000 members, will undertake 'in port bans', halting work on loading and unloading equipment from the unit's fleet and pre-departure checks and maintenance on boats in the coming week.

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